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. Country Bumpkin (Australien) - Zeitschrift "Inspirations Magazine", Embroidery News, Issue 110, Oktober 2017
Link: www.inspirationsmagazine.com.au
Das "Inspirations Magazine" aus Adelaide im Süden Australiens bezeichnet sich als "The World's Most Beautiful Embroidery Magazine". In ihrem Newsletter veröffentlichten sie folgenden Beitrag über mich:

SPRING | Flowers
Link: Beitrag
CO: I got the stitching bug from my grandmother, who once owned her own small business involving sewing and stitching. I am a historian, having worked for the University of Munich as well as IT companies, such as Microsoft. I then started my own small business and devoted more and more of my time in favor of textiles.

Christine Ober - Blume Christine Ober - Blume

CO: I like to design and produce textiles with different techniques, especially embroidery. I very rarely use templates, choosing to create my own patterns, paying careful attention to traditional styles, colours and techniques.

Christine Ober - Blume Christine Ober - Blume

CO: Textiles and especially embroidery is such a wonderful section of arts and crafts!
Best wishes, Christine - Germany/Bavaria

Inspirations Magazine: Christine, we love the varying embroidery techniques you've used across various styles of flowers. What a wonderful ode to spring your collection has become!

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