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Country Bumpkin (Australien)
Zeitschrift "Inspirations Magazine", Embroidery News, Issue 110, Oktober 2017

Link (www.inspirationsmagazine.com.au)

Das "Inspirations Magazine" aus Adelaide im Süden Australiens bezeichnet sich als "The World's Most Beautiful Embroidery Magazine".

Mein Beitrag im Newsletter:
SPRING | Flowers

CO: I got the stitching bug from my grandmother, who once owned her own small business involving sewing and stitching. I am a historian, having worked for the University of Munich as well as IT companies, such as Microsoft. I then started my own small business and devoted more and more of my time in favor of textiles.

Christine Ober - Blume Christine Ober - Blume

CO: I like to design and produce textiles with different techniques, especially embroidery. I very rarely use templates, choosing to create my own patterns, paying careful attention to traditional styles, colours and techniques.

Christine Ober - Blume Christine Ober - Blume

CO: Textiles and especially embroidery is such a wonderful section of arts and crafts!
Best wishes, Christine - Germany/Bavaria

Inspirations Magazine: Christine, we love the varying embroidery techniques you've used across various styles of flowers. What a wonderful ode to spring your collection has become!

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